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Thor, the one true God of Thunder (or so he claims), is fresh off the heels from begrudgingly being appointed the King of Asgard. After his father, Odin, is captured and imprisoned by Zeus, Thor is left with running the Kingdom. Thor already detested Zeus because of the whole “Zeus is the better God of Thunder” thing everyone and their monster has been proclaiming since the beginning of time. Add that to the fact that Zeus has forbidden his daughter from seeing Thor, and you’ve got the makings of an extremely vengeful God of Thunder.

  • Front angle of Norse Mythology character, Thor, action figure with hammer and lightning bolt headband
  • Smashcraft Thor collectors box, with back story and memorabilia mythology character sticker
  • SMASHCRAFT Thor Collectible Figurine
  • SMASHCRAFT Thor Collectible Figurine
  • SMASHCRAFT Thor Collectible Figurine

SMASHCRAFT Thor Collectible Figurine

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Figure of Thor, the King of Asgard, with a hammer and lightning bolt headband

  • HAND PAINTED FIGURINE - Colorful figure is made of cast, polymer resin and comes packaged in a full color collectible box
  • FILL YOUR COLLECTIBLE SHELF - Figurine measures approximately 4 inches tall; Includes a shaped character sticker
  • COLLECT ALL CHARACTERS - All characters hail from Planet Future Zero and have overlapping and interacting backstories
  • GREAT GIFT or SELF PURCHASE - Figure, sticker, and collectible box are all contained inside a protective box

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    • Comic strip showing Asgard hosting a match between two fighters. Inhabitants of Future zero are coming from all over to watch as Thor, god of thunder and King of Asgard, is introduced as the first fighter!
    • Comic strip showing Athena, Princess warrior and daughter of Zeus being introduced as the other fighter. Before the fight begins Zeus falls for Athena as he drools and Athena slashes at any "heart eyes" coming her way!

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