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About the Artist | Kyle Martin

I’m a fanboy pretending to be an artist.

As a huge fan of video games, comics, and nerd culture, I obsess over the minutiae. I try to blend nostalgia, life, storytelling, and heart to create something that’s peculiar, but compelling. With that as my foundation I do my best to smash together my ideas and with the hope that I craft something that creates a spark of light for someone, the same way all my favorite creators do for me.

About Kyle


It's a Wonderful Life, anything Studio Ghibli, Rocky, Star Wars, Indie Game: The Movie, TMNT (1990), Scott Pilgrim


Peach cobbler with vanilla ice cream and a cup of black coffee

Yoichi Kotabe, Mike Mignola, Akira Toriyama, Skottie Young, Andrew Maclean, Hayao Miyazaki, Shihab Aldeen, Jake Parker, Gary Barker, and Anthony Holden

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