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He's a king, he's a cook, he's a student, he's a crook. This shape-shifter knows no bounds when it comes to causing a little trouble. He cleverly persuaded his father, Odin, to overthrow Zeus as Ruler of Planet Future Zero, which didn't work out well for Odin. With his father imprisoned, Loki is now using much of his time to figure out a way to free him. However, he still manages to take his mischief to Transylvania High School where he disguises himself as a student and plays bully. His favorite victims are clean cut vampires with insanely rich fathers.

  • Front angle of Norse folk lore character, Loki, action figure with horned lemon lime helmet and a manic grin
  • Smashcraft Loki collectors box, with back story and memorabilia norse mythology character sticker
  • SMASHCRAFT Loki Collectible Figurine
  • SMASHCRAFT Loki Collectible Figurine
  • SMASHCRAFT Loki Collectible Figurine

SMASHCRAFT Loki Collectible Figurine

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Figure of Loki, the shape-shifting, mischief-making trickster, with a horned lemon lime helmet and a manic grin

  • HAND PAINTED FIGURINE - Colorful figure is made of cast, polymer resin and comes packaged in a full color collectible box
  • FILL YOUR COLLECTIBLE SHELF - Figurine measures approximately 4 inches tall; Includes a shaped character sticker
  • COLLECT ALL CHARACTERS - All characters hail from Planet Future Zero and have overlapping and interacting backstories
  • GREAT GIFT or SELF PURCHASE - Figure, sticker, and collectible box are all contained inside a protective box

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    • Comic strip showing Loki's hands placing white wallpaper over text titled "Loki's deceit" & text bubble stating to follow the speech bubble tail because he is "over here".
    • Comic strip with Loki surrounded by text bubbles stating, "Hey there I'm Loki. Known mostly for my good looks and good nature. You're probably wondering where the comic is, aye? Well its behind me heh, well behind the new wallpaper"

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