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Grimm Brothers stories, Little Red Riding Hood

Grim Brothers Legend

Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm published a collection of tales that would become one of the most influential works of folklore throughout the world. All sorts of stories bound up, from tales of maidens covered in ash and cinder to wandering children finding houses made of candy, were collected by the Brothers Grimm. They recorded tales in order to avoid the tales being lost to the ages and to this day their stories have spawned a vast variety of retellings and movies that continue to be embraced and retold. Find out how Little Red’s new story unfolds within the SMASHCRAFT world!

Little Red Riding Hood - sweet young girl

What's the difference?

Smashcraft has a new and unique take on this story, click below to find out what changes and what stays the same!

In the SMASHCRAFT Universe, Little Red's Grandmother is missing. There's no woodsman, she lives in a spirit forest named Fantum Forest, and the wolf acts as a spirit turned into a protective cloak to ward off the evils of the forest.

She actually LIVES in her Grandma's house.