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Meet Arthur Pendragon

They don't call him a Dragon Whisperer for no reason. The youngest king in the history of Camelot has a knack for befriending dragons. With guidance from the always-patient wizard, Merlin, Arthur is able to extract powers from ancient dragons and use them for himself. Such power comes with limitations as Arthur can only use one at a time. He stores the rest within orbs in his castle, right next to Merlin's hoard of canned peaches and enchanted ice cream.

  • Front angle of legendary King of Camelot, Arthur Pendragon, action figure with a crown and a dragon hat and cloak of emerald green.
  • Smashcraft King Arthur Pendragon collectors box, with back story and memorabilia legend character sticker
  • SMASHCRAFT King Arthur Collectible Figurine
  • SMASHCRAFT King Arthur Collectible Figurine
  • SMASHCRAFT King Arthur Collectible Figurine

SMASHCRAFT King Arthur Collectible Figurine

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Figure of King Arthur, Dragon Whisperer and King of Camelot, with a crown and a dragon hat of emerald green and a cloak

  • HAND PAINTED FIGURINE - Colorful figure is made of cast, polymer resin and comes packaged in a full color collectible box
  • FILL YOUR COLLECTIBLE SHELF - Figurine measures approximately 4 inches tall; Includes a shaped character sticker
  • COLLECT ALL CHARACTERS - All characters hail from Planet Future Zero and have overlapping and interacting backstories
  • GREAT GIFT or SELF PURCHASE - Figure, sticker, and collectible box are all contained inside a protective box

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    • Comic strip showing Camelot and the start of a dragon hunting adventure with Merlin and King Arthur
    • Comic strip showing Arthur insulting merlins bad breath by making a pun and merlin suggesting they perform the butter the beast routine to capture the dragon.
    • Comic strip showing a magenta dragon sleeping and King arthur approaching the dragon for a conversation.
    • Comic strip showing the dragon stopping King Arthur's sentence by saying "no need to keep DRAGON this out", to Merlins displeasure.

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