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Viking Norse Mythology and Norse gods Thor, Odin, and Loki

Norse Mythology

Worshiped during the age of the Viking, Norse gods ruled over the cosmos. Because they had supernatural powers they were worshiped as gods, however, unlike gods from other mythologies, Norse gods were not immortal. For most Norse gods, the end comes with the arrival of ragnarok (the apocalyptic end of days).  Find out how each god's new story unfolds within the SMASHCRAFT world!

Thor- Norse god of thunder 

Loki- Norse Trickster god (mischief and magic)

What's the difference?

Smashcraft has a new and unique take on this mythology, click below to find out what changes and what stays the same!

He would hardly be Loki if he wasn't a trickster! He is a teenager in Future Zero and like many teenagers, makes dumb decisions.

Yes, it’s powered by batteries and is infused with his power. It allows for short explosive bursts of Electric Supernovas by pulling a trigger.  His hammer is technically stronger than Zeus’ thundermech gauntlets, but Zeus’ gauntlets can emit his powers for longer.