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Anubis in Egyptian Mythology, god of the Dead

Egyptian Mythology

Egyptian gods and goddesses were based on the needs of the people, and where new needs arose in Egypt, so did new deities! From explaining the rising sun to the setting moon, wealth, health, vitality, in short everything had a deity. Unlike other pantheons in mythology, the Egyptians did not depict their gods as mere humans, but rather as hybrid animals. Find out how Anubis’s new story unfolds within the SMASHCRAFT world!

Anubis- Egyptian god of the Dead

What's the difference?

Smashcraft has a new and unique take on this mythology, click below to find out what changes and what stays the same!

Yes he is, however, the hierarchy is slightly different. Hades is the head God of the Underworld here, with Anubis as second in command.