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Transylvania in Smashcraft's Planet Future Zero, a busy city home to Dracula Jr. and Frankenstein


A bustling futuristic city filled with some of the biggest minds. Home to both Transylvania High School as well as U of T, Transylvania could be considered a “college town” as well as the most densely populated city in all of Planet Future Zero.

Sky scrapers and flying vintage cars can be seen above busy streets, filled with students, entrepreneurs and all those seeking out the newest cyber tech lifestyle. Not only is Transylvania home to Frankenstein and Dracula, but many other creatures and curiosities.

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Transylvania is a high tech city filled to the brim with skyscrapers. Home to more than 200 different species, Transylvania is the most dynamic city on Future Zero. Watch out for their slick cars though, those kids from Transylvania High can get a little wild.

South of Olympus, North of Asgard and East of the Fantum Forest! Wish we could give you coordinates...but you'll find your way!

It’s a bit of a melting pot, but also has a lot of monsters, robots…and, you guessed it, monster robots.

It’s the epicenter of high tech innovation on Planet Future Zero, with Frankenstein helping lead the way.