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Olympus in Smashcraft's Planet Future Zero, a grand kingdom and home to Zeus, Athena, and Poseidon


It's not your Father's Olympus anymore. Modern conveniences and technology have worked their way into the classic Greek iconography we're all familiar with, making Olympus quite the sight to behold! The old meets the new in Olympus, as well as the surrounding deep blue waters and green lands of Gaia. The Kingdom of all Kingdoms in Future Zero is more busy than ever with Poseidon, Athena, and the always imposing Zeus leading the way.

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It’s the Northernmost Kingdom in Future Zero, easily characterized by columns and billowing clouds!

It's a very relaxed kingdom, one that loves to have a good time. It's friendly, welcoming, and very respected because of its ruler Zeus, who has a terrifying exterior, but mostly soft interior. I say mostly, because if one steps out of line, it’s nothing for the battle hardened Zeus, to put them in their place. Knowing this…Thor didn’t replace his father, Odin, as the King of Asgard by choice.

It’s a kingdom of GODS. Naturally, it's floating.