Underworld – SMASHCRAFT | Collect The Craft
The Underworld in Smashcraft's Planet Future Zero, a creative home to Hades and Anubis


Don't even bother coming...unless you want to join Hades and Anubis in a game of Immortals chess. Yeah...the Underworld may SOUND like a bit of a bummer, but it's a place of imagination and creativity. I mean someone had to figure out how to get souls to and from the underworld, right?

Don't let the horns…and the darkness…and the blistering heat…and the graves…and the prisoners...and souls of the deceased...and...Well, don't let that hold you back from who could be your two new best friends!  As with most things in Future Zero, things aren't quite what they seem. Not only does the Underworld ooze lava, but it also oozes charm.

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It sits in the center of the planet. Quite literally it's core. Yes, that's why the planet has a river of lava!

It’s where all of the dead go. Including GODS...no pressure for Anubis and Hades though, they can handle it!

Anubis, Hades, Hades' hound, Cerberus,  and the dead. There are varying degrees of “dead” and their placement in the underworld represents that.

Hades controls whether the planet is open or closed at the planet's fissure depending on his level of extrovertedness on that given day.