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Scroll to view the comics for each inhabitant of Planet Future Zero!

  • Comic strip showing Camelot and the start of a dragon hunting adventure with Merlin and King Arthur
  • Comic strip showing Asgard hosting a match between two fighters. Inhabitants of Future zero are coming from all over to watch as Thor, god of thunder and King of Asgard, is introduced as the first fighter!
  • Comic strip showing Transylvania High School, and Dracula Jr looking distressed.
  • Comic strip showing Professor Frankenstein racing around in a flying, shiny red car. Its a high speed race and there are high stakes for the Professor.
  • Comic strip showing Hades waking up on a Saturday in the Underworld, he begins at 7:30am by gaming and then drinking out of his hot Zeus coffee mug!
  • Comic strip showing Loki's hands placing white wallpaper over text titled "Loki's deceit" & text bubble stating to follow the speech bubble tail because he is "over here".
  • Comic strip showing the Shark Shack and Poseidon introducing himself as the CEO
  • Comic strip showing Red's Grandmas house, and Red screaming and running through the woods.
  • Comic strip showing Mt. Olympus and a fight beginning between Zeus and a bull competitor.
  • Comic strip showing Anubis reading "Immortals Chess Fun-01" in the Underworld when suddenly it begins to rain on him. He thought there was no rain in the under world so maybe the roof is leaking?