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Fantum Forest in Smashcraft's Planet Future Zero, filled with mystical monsters and home to Little Red Riding Hood

Fantum Forest

You’d think such an interesting place filled with dark forests, mystical monsters and spirits would scare away a little girl…but yet the Fantum Forest is home to sweet and kind, Little Red. If you dare venture to this neck of the woods you may encounter something terrifying or you may just meet Planet Future Zero's local berry lover and explorer extraordinaire!

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She likes to play with some of the forest creatures and spirits. She likes to collect fruits, veggies, and other ingredients for cooking extravagant meals.  She has a wise old turtle (Merlin) that tags along every now then with her on her adventures. He brings her books to help her learn. 

It sits on the northern plane of the planet. It is near Olympus, the waters of Gaia, and floating Camelot.

LOTS of forest spirits. Some look completely unfamiliar, while others could resemble a bear or pig.

Its origin is unknown, but what we do know is that Grannys house makes a great home for Little Red!