Asgard – SMASHCRAFT | Collect The Craft
Asgard in Smashcraft's Planet Future Zero, a dark kingdom home to Thor and Loki


Full of legends, battles, and mischief, Asgard is home to a new king, Thor. You can also call it home to the one true God of Thunder, or is that Olympus where Zeus lives?...We'll let you figure that one out yourself.

Ever the antithesis of Olympus, Asgard has a grand & orderly castle built with a strong defense system in place since the days of Odin's rule. Come unwind and watch some grand battles at the coliseum, but beware the trickery of Loki! You never know when he'll show up or who he'll be.

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It was once the Kingdom of the North, but has been demoted to the kingdom furthest South...

Aside from the coliseum, which is a bustling place of diversity, the Kingdom of Asgard is a very exclusive bunch who don't like outsiders. The castle is a very orderly, rule regimented, hierarchical place. It too was a bustling place of diversity, but former King Odin’s desire to be everything that Olympus wasn’t, darkened his kingdom...just like his heart.

It’s the kingdom of GODS, of course it's floating!