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Greek Gods of Mount Olympus from the Greek Pantheon in Mythology

Greek Mythology

The gods of the Greek pantheon were the embodiment of love, care, chaos, jealousy, insanity, and pettiness. These gods and goddesses inhabited Mount Olympus, high up in the sky. In Greek mythology, the gods and goddesses were depicted as humans with supernatural powers and abilities. And while the list of gods seems endless… there were 12 major gods that were worshiped by most everyone throughout Greece. Find out how each god's new story unfolds within the SMASHCRAFT world!

o   Zeus- The god of thunder and King of the gods of Mount Olympus

o   Poseidon- The god of the Sea

o   Hades- Greek god of the Underworld

o   Athena- Greek goddess of War and Wisdom

What's the difference?

Smashcraft has a new and unique take on this mythology, click below to find out what changes and what stays the same!

A lot of the mythology has stayed the same, however, now Olympus has had an upgrade, with Thunder Mech Tech added and some fun new changes to your favorite Greek Gods and Goddesses.

Yes, Zeus is still the God of Thunder and King of Olympus, but he is also considered by most as the ruler of Planet Future Zero.

While he does remain Greek God of the seas, on Planet Future Zero he is specifically ruler of the North Sea. More importantly though, he is the owner and operator of “Shark Shack”, Poseidon’s chain of fish sandwich restaurants.

Yes, she’s still a goddess and daughter of Zeus. She is a headstrong stubborn warrior princess that almost lost her life, if not for her father reconstructing half her body with his mecha technology.

Yes, still the big man in charge of the underworld! He runs it alongside Anubis (his second in command) and of course his ever faithful guardian Cerberus!