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Heir to the throne of Dracula's Castle, Dracula Jr. isn't your typical rich monster's kid. He just wants to fit in and does everything he can to do so. He's the only vampire at Transylvania High School who is allergic to blood. So naturally, he drinks fruit punch and no one is the wiser. This well dressed, smart kid is a favorite student and apprentice of Frankenstein. With all that aquired knowledge from his teacher, Dracula uses most of his free time to build and tweak his handheld gaming device, Micro Monster Pocket.

  • Front angle of vampire character, Dracula Jr, action figure with small wings and fangs
  • Smashcraft Dracula Jr collectors box, with back story and memorabilia fantasy character sticker
  • SMASHCRAFT Dracula II Collectible Figurine
  • SMASHCRAFT Dracula II Collectible Figurine
  • SMASHCRAFT Dracula II Collectible Figurine

SMASHCRAFT Dracula II Collectible Figurine

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Figure of Dracula II, the son of Count Dracula and avid gamer, with small wings and fangs

  • HAND PAINTED FIGURINE - Colorful figure is made of cast, polymer resin and comes packaged in a full color collectible box
  • FILL YOUR COLLECTIBLE SHELF - Figurine measures approximately 4 inches tall; Includes a shaped character sticker
  • COLLECT ALL CHARACTERS - All characters hail from Planet Future Zero and have overlapping and interacting backstories
  • GREAT GIFT or SELF PURCHASE - Figure, sticker, and collectible box are all contained inside a protective box

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  • Comic strip showing Transylvania High School, and Dracula Jr looking distressed.
  • Comic strip showing Dracula Jr and Pockets finding a Pugaboo!
  • Comic strip showing Dracula commanding Pockets to trap the Pugaboo.
  • Comic strip showing the Pugaboo asleep and Pockets leveling up as a result! Pockets and Dracula Jr share a hug.

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